Player Handbook

Welcome To Inter SoCal

We are pleased that you have decided to participate in what we hope will be a fun and rewarding soccer experience for you and your child. To assist you in getting better acquainted with Inter SoCal, we have prepared a Member Handbook addressing some of the recurring questions about Inter SoCal, our philosophy, Club policies regarding practice, tryouts, financial obligations and other matters.

Inter SoCal brings together parents with greatly differing levels of soccer sophistication ranging from those who played soccer in college or beyond, to those with absolutely no real experience with or understanding of the world’s most popular sport. For those of us who are somewhat new to the game of soccer, we have devoted a section of the Handbook to a mini-education in the rules of the game and standards of conduct for players and fans.

We sincerely welcome your suggestions, as well as your participation in the workings of the Club. It takes a tremendous effort to accomplish all that must be done in order to sustain a successful soccer program the care of the fields, tournament arrangements, uniform arrangements, state and local registrations, practice organization, and much more. Too often the responsibility falls on the shoulders of a very few. We always are looking for volunteers and earnestly solicit your participation. If you are willing, click here as we have a job for you.

The Handbook can be obtained from your team manager, or via email request. We ask that you please read carefully the information set out in the handbook. Your familiarity with its content will help insure that you and your child have a fun and rewarding Inter SoCal experience.