About Us

Mission Statement

Inter SoCal is committed to providing its members with a professional training environment designed to maximize the potential of every player on and off the field, locally and internationally.

Club Vision

Inter SoCal will be nationally recognized as a leader in International Opportunities for players and staff development.  Additionally, we will be a premier soccer organization in Southern California by creating an optimal learning environment for all players and staff to grow the love and passion for game of soccer. 


Inter SoCal is committed to the promotion of excellence in soccer through the education, character, and physical development of its members by offering training environments for age and level specific. Soccer will be used to tool for individual growth focusing on the qualities of leadership, teamwork, dedication, loyalty and fair play. These values will be tested and demonstrated in the heat of competition. Players will learn to cope with success and failure by being humble in victory and proud in defeat. Through competition, players will develop successful strategies for the challenges of life.